Theo & Linda

“The secret to aging successfully is not in trying to stay young, but rather gaining and exercising wisdom”

– Theo Bob

Why should you vote for me?

People want to know their representative is a real advocate, who knows what they are experiencing when they struggle financially, physically, mentally, as a parent, as a caregiver, or a Veteran seeking answers. People want a representative who understands the stages of life with its complications and who will cut through bureaucracy recognizing the urgency of their situation. Finally, people want someone with character, integrity, and courage to make tough decisions. People who know me and come to know me will say that I am “that Guy.

Why am I running for State House?

Critical decisions are being made in the State Legislature. Because I love my home state so deeply, my desire burns to serve Floridians utilizing everything I have learned and experienced. I consider it my duty to serve in this capacity, as well as a privilege to speak on behalf of those needing advocacy.

What do I hope to accomplish?

I intend to make Florida the model for excellent Veteran’s services and end homelessness for Veterans. I plan to restore the confidence citizens of Florida should have in their Legislators as “Public Servants”. I will work tirelessly to raise the quality of Education in our state. “Teaching” our kids is more than a job; it’s a fulfillment of educators’ vision to give every child the best preparation for life possible.